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StEP Management Board

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The Management Board acts as the operations, coordination and communication (internal & external) hub of the StEP Initiative. The Management Board is led by an Executive Director and supported by respective staff. The chair of the StEP Supervisory Committee is also a member of the Management Board.


Meet the StEP Management Board


Elisabeth is an environmental scientist with a keen interest in e-waste management and in-depth knowledge of the subject on an international level. She is heading the StEP Initiative since October 2017. Besides heading the StEP Initiative, she is managing the Dismantling and Recycling Centre (DRZ), a socio-economic facility for the treatment of e-waste based in Vienna, Austria.

Prior to her engagements at DRZ and StEP, Elisabeth worked for the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) where she focused on developing and implementing e-waste management projects in East Africa and Latin America.


“The NCER values the forum that StEP provides, for international information exchange and problem solving, such as lessons learned from the implementation of other e-waste policies around the world.”

ason Linnell is co-founder and Executive Director of the National Center for Electronics Recycling (NCER) where he leads activities for the NCER, including research on electronics recycling data and policy and management of the Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse (ERCC). In addition to these activates, NCER manages and oversees the statewide networks of collectors and recyclers for the Oregon State Contractor Program and Vermont State Standard Plan.